Sapporo Dental College as it stands before you today is indeed a living image of a dream of a few patriotic Dental Surgeons of our country who while their stay in Japan felt an essential need of a modern institute for dental education and services in respect of dental and oral diseases in Bangladesh. The idea was conceived nearly quarter of a century before that has come true through their tremendous efforts, huge amount of money and endless miseries and has reached its present status. This is a totally non-profit making institution entirely devoted to imparting dental education to raise the number of dental manpower and deliver modern dental and oral health care services of global standard to patients of our country.

Academic Facilities:

Sapporo Dental College is making continuous endeavors to maintain the highest academic level in all disciplines of Dental and Medical science. Its faculty includes a quite good number of renowned Professors and Clinicians trained in Japan, UK and USA. The academics rules and regulations prescribed by all associated affiliating bodies (Dhaka University, BMDC & Ministry of Health) are strictly followed and monitored. The institute has excellent facilities to educate pre-clinical students through well equipped laboratories and organized lectures, tutorials and practical demonstration using audio visual & multimedia aids. The College library is enriched with latest edition of text books of different disciplines and with a good number of national and international journals collected on regular basis. The library is also equipped with internet facilities & browsing which can get connected with other libraries to get latest information on any topics of academic interest.

Hospital Set up:

Out door and indoor hospital setup of Sapporo Dental College is one of the best in the country. In Dental OPD, all clinical departments of dentistry have independent setups to treat the patients and train students.
Indoor Hospital: The College has a full fledged setup for indoor hospital to admit and treat patients for Medicine, General and Oral & Maxillofacial surgery. The hospital has well equipped Operation theatre where major surgeries (General and Maxillofacial) are being performed regularly. The institution aims at bringing up its Hospital as one of the main Centre for Oral & Maxillofacial surgery in the country.
Sapporo Dental College is the only Dental institution in the country which has a full fledged Oral Histopathological laboratory equipped with all modern facilities.