Functioning of the College: The Foundation for Health Education, Service and Research (FHESR)

Sapporo Dental College & Hospital is a project under a non-profit organization, named ” The Foundation For Health Education Service & Research”. The activities of the foundation are aimed at the following objectives:
Promotion of Health Education : To promote the existing health care level of the population, the Foundation has a deep commitment towards resolving the problems of health care based on latest technological development and scientific innovation in the area of health science. The foundation is prepared to provide a collective and unified response to the challenges of time through optimal utilization of available resources without discrimination. The foundation recognizes the dismal level of health care and desires to improve the situation by producing doctors enriched with latest scientific knowledge with particular emphasis on human quality development and motivation to serve the needy people of the country.
The foundation gives special priority to the improvement of oral health education as it is one of the most important components of health care and is the most neglected in the perspective of Bangladesh. This emphasis will be given because a nation needs healthy individuals in all respect for prosperity and economic development. Therefore oral health with its well deserved importance needs to be incorporated in health care.

Improvement of Health Care Service : The foundation devotes to the qualitative improvement of health services in the country and try to develop a better patient doctor relationship. The foundation will particularly work on formulating ways so that improved health care can universally reach to people from all walks of life.
The foundation will work on improved oral health services of people by introducing team approach dental treatment method through training of doctors and coordination among them with improved interpersonal professional contacts.

Health Research : The foundation gives priority on community health research which is an essential prerequisite for improvement of health care. The findings of the research are institutionalized for training manpower so that they can have better scientific approach to resolve and improve the existing health care problems. The foundation gives special emphasis on community oral health research to find out a simple and easily applicable preventive method for the population who live in the remote areas of the country and do not have access to modern dental treatment due to poor socio-economic condition.


College Governing Body

College comprises of a fifteen member Governing Body headed by a Chairman, a representative of the Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University, two members from the Academic Council of Dhaka University and Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Dhaka University, a representative member from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the members of the Foundation (FHESR) and two members as representative of teachers of SDCH.

College activities are maintained under certain prescribed rules and regulations formulated by the governing body. These rules are subject to change from time to time which is done to meet the contemporary requirements of the institution and its smooth functioning.