1. History and Background

At the first quarter of 2009, few former students of Sapporo dental college felt the necessity of being united to keep their internal bonding strong and maintain their professional patency. They immediately decided to take an initiative to form a organized body. As a result of this initiative, a idea came in mind to form a Association by the Graduates of Sapporo dental college which was highly supported and appreciated by everyone and then Sapporo Dental College Alumni Association (SDCAA) was formed. After having a long journey of years, now SDCAA is a name of an inspiration and dream of a different horizon for the hundreds of Sapporians. And it is a platform to meet the challenge of the future days with its spirit of freedom, justice and truth.

  1. Aims And Objectives
    • To establish the unity, friendship and brotherhood among the alumni and assist and support one another as much as possible.
    • To promote and organize seminars, symposiums, workshops, meeting, assembly and exhibitions for the alumni.
    • To support the under privileged people of the community regarding dental and general health.
    • To active participate in the social welfare works.
    • To improve the quality and integrity of the profession and professionals.
    • To set the professional standard into a better height.
    • To support the Alumni to achieve better quality and success in their professional life.
    • To publish health bulletin, medical and dental Journal.
    • To support the development of educational environment of the profession.
    • To preserve the interest of the students of Sapporo Dental College.
    • To establish a fund for financial support for deserving candidates.
    • To organize social, cultural, sports, recreational and such other programs.
    • To promote the image of Sapporo dental College.
  2. Activities
  3. a) Scientific Seminar
  4. b) Free Dental Campaign
  5. c) Social Welfare
  6. First formed Executive Committee
  7. Upcoming events
  8. Social responsibilities
  9. Professional responsibilities
  10. Benefits/ Why should join
  11. Alumni directory
  12. Archive
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  1. Upcoming events
  2. Latest news
  3. How to join